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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

From a MySpace bulletin:

ABC allows racial slurs against Native Americans to air!

From: tnwolflady3
Date: Aug 8, 2007 9:46 AM

This reminds me so much of the "larry the cable guy" slur against Native womenówe did nothing then (except for a few brave ones) and we will probably do nothing nowóthis will continue until we stop it!

Subject: read & repost, ABC participant says natives don't work much

Body: I am not sure how many how you watched ABC's, "Wife Swap" yesterday, I was watching with more and more, thoughts in my head...geez...where do they find all these people...they sign up to follow the show's rules, which is to live one week, with the "old" family's rules, next the have the chance to change it to their rules.

Yesterday, I was stunned, of the way they treated each other, not only did they make fun of their ways of living, but also did personal comments...

The worst comment was to me, when one of the husbands came home after just a few hours of work, the "new" wife asked him what he was doing home, and told him that the men she knew worked at least, 8-10 hours a day, and that that was what a real man was supposed to do...

The comment back from the "new husband" was even worse...

I was just floored...not only did this person, live in a fantasy world, but he had to drag in the native people, in it too...and basically say...INDIANS ARE LAZY, WORK A COUPLE OF HOURS, SPEND THE REST OF THE DAY SITTING ON THE BUTTS TALKING TO FRIENDS...

Apparently it is ok for ABC, to let their participants, make these type of comments and then air it on primetime...

I am sure that they would not have aired a comment, like, the hispanic, only work a couple of hours then they have siesta, and then fiesta...no offense to my friends with hispanic heritage, but I am so sick of that it is ok to belittle and make fun of the native americans, when in reality it is NOT OK, but no one stands up and says anything...

Myself, I am going to contact ABC, and I am going to ask them what their policy is...and I hope that they will hear from a lot of native americans, that will take the step and stand up for what is right, and make their voice heard, we have to show society that we will no longer sit in a corner quietly and let people treat us they way they do.

Rob's comment
I think we're doing all we reasonably can by alerting people to the problem, tnwolflady3. If each of us educates everyone we know and they do the same, eventually everyone will get the message.

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