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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

New York Company States American Indians Supporting Intentional Terrorists

Mike Graham
April 25, 2006

Once again corporate America shows the world it has no limits in degrading or trashing the American Indian community. Gristedes, a New York based Supermarket chain headed by John Catsimatidis, has filed a federal lawsuit against two Long Island Indian nations over their smoke shop sales. This lawsuit was filed against the Shinnecock and Unkechaug Indian nations to include senior tribal officials.

John Catsimatidis is Chairman, President and CEO of the Red Apple Group including Gristedes Foods. He is also Chairman and CEO of United Refining Company.

Gristedes' suit described the Indian nation's smoke shops as black market suppliers "through their knowing and intentional complicity," funding gangs, organized crime and international terrorists such as Hezbollah. Gristedes to date has not offered or produced any proof of a connection between the two Indian nation's support of Hezbollah or any other international terrorist groups.

The American Indian community has had enough of corporate America's anti-Indian rheteric being blasted all over the world in newspapers and TV stations. American Indians helped the first Europeans coming to their home land win their war of independence that brought about the America we all know today. American Indians have fought in every American war from it's beginning, America's government is set up on the principles of Indian nation's government. Federalism, separation of government powers and freedom of speech came from the first American Indian nations.

American Indians are putting their lives on the line today in America's fight against foreign terrorism. Many have lost their lives in this war. John Catsimatidis has disgraced himself and his company; even an apology on his knees would never undo his despicable, callous, misguided intentions toward American Indians. Homeland security and the U.S. Justice Department should be required to look into and investigate Gristedes' law suit.

Rob's comment
Read the whole article to learn more about Catsimatidis's misdeeds.

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