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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

I've got a stereotype incident for you. I just now heard Pat Buchanan arguning with Sean Hannity on Hannity's radio program. They were arguining about the cartoon riots. Buchanan said "When you go into Indian territory...and camp in the Sacred Burial Ground...you're gonna get tomahawked".

By the way, Buchanan used this stereotype to drive home a point about how we should be more sensitive to Muslim concerns. And no, he was not using it as an example of insensitivity. How ironic

Rob's comment
Proving that this comment wasn't an exception, here's another example from Buchanan:

The politics of war & the Patriot Card

Posted: November 15, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

2005 Creators Syndicate Inc.

With his poll ratings at rock bottom and little to lose, Bush has just escalated the war politics. Democrats who have had it all their way since Cindy Sheehan set up Camp Casey would do well to wonder whether they have not ridden out a little too far into Indian country and are heading for the Little Big Horn where their daddies disappeared long ago.

This is a classic conservative formulation:

Terrorists = enemies = Indians = dissenters = Democrats

With conservatives like Buchanan implying that Indians are traitorous and un-American, is it any wonder that most Indians side with Democrats?

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