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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Constructing an Indian headdress project for kids

Constructing an indian headdress from construction paper is a great project for kids. They can wear their art while they play the story time pow wow game.

You can make an Indian headdress with children. They can wear the headdress for plays, and programs for different holidays. They can pretend to be Native Americans and sit around in a circle for a pow wow. The materials are inexpensive and the project is relatively easy even for children in first grade. Because cutting is required, kindergarten children or younger will need help.

Materials list:

Heavy construction paper or drawing paper at least 12" long (Optional white or beige felt if you want a fabric headband)

regular paper scissors

optional: crimping or scallop edge scissors (available in the memory album section of most craft shops)

clear tape

crayons or magic markers

a pen or pencil for drawing the design.

package of feathers (optional, you can make your own or use real feathers)

I used a yard stick but you can also use a straight ruler. Cut out two strips for the headband 1 1/2" wide. I found that taping this together and then cutting it at the 23" mark was perfect for my head size and will fit most adults. You will need less for children. It is best to measure the strips first on each person's head before attaching it with tape and cutting off the extra.

The feathers are also made of the construction paper or drawing paper.You can also make them the same way but out of felt. With the ruler measure 6" long and 2 1/2" wide. Make as many "feathers" as you want but four to six is a good number. Cut these out and at the top cut in a slant on each side forming a point. Now here is where the optional scissors come in. If you use scallop or other design scissors you can make your feathers look more real. While price differs across the country these scissors with different edges are made of heavy duty plastic and cost under $3.00 each. They are a good investment for many craft projects. You can also use pinking shears.

Color the feathers and the headband. Enhance the headband by making designs such as stars, moon, and sun which are symbols many Native Americans used as decorations. Or you can glue on the real feathers.

Rob's comment
The problems here include:

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