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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

A correspondent sent me this photograph of a Washington Redskins "Piss on Dallas" car decal. (The quality is poor because it's a scan of an already blurred photo.)

Apparently there are whole lines of "Piss on" merchandise with different messages (piss on football teams, piss on work, piss on George W. Bush) and different formats (watches, mugs, keychains). Normally these items feature a nasty-looking little boy who's obviously a ripoff of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. But this decal gets included for its nasty-looking, big-nosed Indian caricature.

Perhaps coincidentally, the Cowboys call themselves "America's Team." So there's a subtle message on display here. An Indian pisses on America's team, and implicitly on America. This is what many Americans feel the Indians did by opposing the march of progress. When you read the commentaries about how Indians are shirking taxes, buying politicians, and ripping off the public with their casinos, it's clear many Americans still feel this way.

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