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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

'Indian' fashions hit the runway


John Galliano of Christian Dior debuted on Thursday what the press calls women's clothing inspired by Choctaw, Chippewa, Eskimo, Iroquois and South American Indian cultures.

"On came some models dressed as citified Eskimos in their high red heels, bobby sox, a tight skirt under a draped strapless silk bustier," describes the Associated Press.

The offerings appear to consist of hats, furs and more furs.

Rob's comment
That Indian women wore either hats or furs like these for decorative purposes is unlikely. Native people wore fur to keep warm and didn't waste it on fashion. The hats, which appear to be inspired by the Andean Indians, were worn primarily by kings, priests, or other male leaders. Women wearing them as a fashion statement would be scorned and perhaps punished or killed.

The bare legs on some of the models suggests Dior is really selling the allure of the exotic, not honoring genuine Native traditions.

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