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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Savage Arms
The Definition of Accuracy

Click on Savage Indian Head for homepage


I'm probably not telling you any thing new here but I saw a 30 minute INFOMERCIAL, TV show this after noon on UPN. This network is either new here in our area or new period but I had not seen the Outdoor Sportsman named Buck whoever show. Today's deal with beer gut Buck was a personalized tour of the Savage Arms gun factory in which they made a gun for Buck and he got to carry it out the door "hizelf". I kind of had this creepy feeling when I surfed into it so hung in there to shortly see at the show intro, a Charles Curtis styled posing (might have even been a Curtis photo) headdressed old timey, nicely colored and wrinkled, Native American holding what must have been an old Savage rifle. I wondered how Buck and his gut made it through and expected a little more on Injun whatever coming down the video stream. Not surprising their logo popped up on a "real commercial" at the break and there is an INDIAN HEAD logo line drawing with SAVAGE ARMS. You can see it in living red (what other color is there for Injun stuff?) at www.savagearms.com

Keep up the good work and yes you are really doing well on the violence aspect. Your awarness is quite nicely developed and well expressed.

Matthew Richter

Rob's comment
Associating savage arms, Savage Arms, or any form of savagery with a stereotypical Indian chief is an obvious problem. Curiously, this company was named after an Anglo, Arthur Savage. All the more reason not to use an Indian "savage" as their mascot—er, logo.

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