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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Just an update this morning on what we are doing about the intolerable, racist broadcasting of KYNG 105.3 in Dallas, Texas. As you know, this radio station of Infinity Broadcasting, Inc. aired via disc-jockey A.W. Pantoja a very offensive, insulting, degrading program in which he, his collegues, and callers-in dehumanized American Indian people and culture (e.g. "Slap-A-Ho Tribe," "Semi-Hole Tribe," "Choke-Your-Chicken," "Tom-tomers," "We did a rain dance," "Indian miniskirt," etc.). When a community member and member of the Comanche Nation, Rusty Yeager, called in to protest, he was further belittled and insulted. We have already been receiving emails -- so far all of them are strongly in favor of us proceeding with a protest of 105.3's actions. The Indian community and those not in the community who cherish justice and good relations among all races have begun to take note of this kind of toxic waste dump into the airwaves of our community.

The I. C.A.R.E. (INDIAN CITIZENS AGAINST RACIAL EXPLOITATION) have already successfully fought 106.1 KISS-FM over a similiar issue in 1999 -- so we know we can make a difference if we stand together.

We know that the corporate structure of this media corporation may not have any concern about the vulnerable children and elders which we all seek to protect and nurture, however, they do value their bottom-line and their financial sponsors. We are in the process of gathering a list of their advertisors in order to educate them about how their advertising dollars are going to sponsor racial trash such as that conducted by A.W. recently. We think they will not want to continue advertising if it results in negative PR for them. Also, today we plan to send off a strong protest to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, D.C. and to the U.S. Justice Department. Some of you may have already gotten this attachment, but some may not so I'm resending it.

We need your help! Would you help us in our time of need by registering your protest of this disgusting, exploitive use of the public airways to promote misunderstanding and negative stereotypes?

If you will, here are some ways you can join, as many have already done:

1. Flood them with emails, phone calls and faxes and register your insistence that it stop and that they apologize:

fax: 972-972-7385
phone: 972-716-7800
12201 Merit Drive, St. 930
Dallas, TX 75251

"As I understand it," says MaDark, "this situation has been resolved with an on-air apology." So perhaps a campaign isn't necessary. But these things crop up frequently on the radio, and the stations usually back down only after public pressure. The message? Stay alert for these kinds of problems, and speak up when they happen.

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