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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Hi there Rob,

If you can stand another ad for "Indian" Halloween costumes, I'm attaching one. This comes from a catalog called One Step Ahead, who's slogan is "Thoughtfully Selected Products To Help With Baby... Every Step of the Way." They pride themselves in offering beneficial and eduactional products for babies and toddlers. Obviously this year they had a lapse in thoughtfulness, as well as a concept of "beneficial" and "educational."

-Holly Q
Indian Comics Irregular subscriber

Rob's comment
If you can't read the copy, it begins: "You can almost hear the drum beats!" It continues: "All costumes included braided headbands...sizes 2/4 and 4/6 also include a feather."

Needless to say, few Indians wore buckskins and headbands; even fewer wore them together. "War paint" and feathers had (and have) religious implications; they weren't for Indian tots. Finally, Indians aren't something you can become, they're something you are.

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