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The 2008 Presidential Campaign

John McCain Barack Obama A series of postings on the Native aspects of the 2008 presidential campaign between Barack Obama and John McCain—beginning after the primaries with the presumptive nominees chosen.

The 2008 election and its aftermath
Obama and me
Shenandoah to sing Obama's anthem?
No more guilt for racists?
Obama on TV's whiteness
Daschle = friend of Indians
Racism lives in ObamAmerica
Inca dog for Obamas?
Obama killed multiculturalism?
"Soul of Indian country" at stake
Alexie on Obama
McCain locked Indians out
Stupidest Indian prediction ever
Who lost in the election
Obama wins
Indians vote for Obama
Vote for Obama, or...
Just say no to the racists

Barack Obama
Obama (and Indians) less American?
Republican hypocrisy on "socialism"
Pueblos receive vote-stealing comics
ICT endorses Obama
How America turns fascist
How people see blacks (and Indians)
"Real America" = white?
Obama's op/ed in ICT
Obama gives us hope
Indians = earmarks?
Kids say the dumbest things
More Republican Indians for Obama
Dems help underdogs and Indians
Lakota Republican for Obama
Kids know bias when they see it
It's the economy, stupid
Comparing the two campaigns
All about the presidential campaign
Cowboy vs. Indian for president
Laker campaigns for Obama
40% of whites are prejudiced
New Mexico Indians back Obama
Obama meets 100 tribal leaders
Obama's unconvincing promise
Our black and Indian presidents
America is no exception
No Navajo Obama ad
Indians in the 2008 election
Obama:  US should offer deeds
Mankiller endorses Obama

John McCain
McCain didn't author NAGPRA
Voting for deeds, not words
Giago endorses McCain
McCain destroys Hohokam site
McCain's gambling problem
How Republicans "support" Indians
Giago still undecided
Republicans are a tribe?
McCain's mascot moment
Mike Graham:  a national sick joke?
What has McCain done lately?
McCain vs. Indians
McCain:  Bikers yes, Indians no
McCain seeks white-trash vote

Sarah and Todd Palin
Palin rap features "Eskimos"
Palin trots out grandma
Palin the phony Alaskan
White settlers dominate Alaska
Palin out of touch with reality
Voting Republican because of Todd?
More on Todd Palin's background
Racist and sexist Palin
Todd Palin not Native after all?
Monegan went off the reservation?
Sarah Palin's white privilege
Palin the typical American
Palin attacks Native rights
Mixed feelings about Palin
The power behind Palin?
Media smearing Todd Palin?
Palin appreciates Natives
Eskimo in White House?

How Palin abused her power
Palin guilty in Troopergate
Palins stonewall on Troopergate
Monegan went off the reservation?
Palin replaces Native with Native
Troopergate:  Native pressured Native

Todd and Sarah Palin

The Republican National Convention
Wrapping up the RNC
Nighthorse Campbell snubbed?
RNC = white America
Natives at the RNC, too

The Democratic National Convention
Indians'-eye view of the DNC
Most Indians are Democrats
Reactions to Obama's speech
Backstage with Obama
New Deal for Indians?
Codetalkers as celebs
Why Indians are Democrats
Alternatives to the DNC
Not enough Indian issues?
Indians all over Denver
On the DNC floor (Day 2)
The Democratic Native platform
Dean slams McCain on Cobell
On the DNC floor (Day 1)
At the First Americans Caucus
Indians at the DNC
AIM questions Democrats' priorities
More Indian honors at DNC
Indians star on Democratic stage

Obama and the race debate
Before Obama secured the Democratic presidential nomination in the summer of 2008, people debated whether a black man could win the race. Many people said no, but they didn't necessarily attack him directly. Instead they attacked him through surrogates such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his wife Michelle.

Here are some postings on these race-related issues:

Indians invisible in debate
Ignorant Americans on race
Desperately needing dialogue
What Jeremiah Wright said
Obama talks about race
Obama proves racism exists
What Michelle Obama meant

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