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BlueCornComics.com Debuts with 400+ Pages
Publisher Claims Site Is Largest Devoted to One Comic

Blue Corn Comics, an independent comic book publisher, is please to announce the debut of its dot-com website. As the official site for PEACE PARTY, the multicultural comic featuring Native Americans, BlueCornComics.com offers a wealth of information on Indians, comics, and Indians in comics. Visitors can learn about everyone from Squanto and Seattle to Tonto and Thunderbird.

BlueCornComics.com upgrades the previous PEACE PARTY website. Among the improvements are less downtime, no distracting banner ads, and navigation links at the top of each page. The site also offers a chat function powered by HumanClick. If visitors catch publisher Rob Schmidt online, they can talk with him in real time.

Biggest and best?
With more than 400 pages of essays, reviews, and contests, Schmidt claims BlueCornComics.com is the largest site in the world devoted to one comic book series. Though Schmidt can't prove this claim, he's offering a prize to anyone who can locate a bigger site. So far there are no takers.

Schmidt is proud that his site features Indian rather than white establishment characters. Others feel the same way. "I am impressed with your site and feel it important for others to learn of it also," says Sandra Deacon, director of the National Coalition for the Preservation of Indigenous Cultures. "Your work is very much appreciated."

Expanding universe
With changes almost every day, the Blue Corn universe continues to grow. Danny Donovan, a young Cherokee comic book writer, has agreed to pen a PEACE PARTY story. The site has added political cartoons, a Native artists' showcase, and lists of Indian comics, movies, and TV shows. Other developments are in the works.

As PEACE PARTY's creative team toils, the future looks bright for multicultural comics featuring Native Americans. Fans can look forward to new PEACE PARTY stories online every month or two. Best of all, they can expect a new edition of PEACE PARTY in the stores sometime in 2001.

Rob Schmidt
Blue Corn Comics

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