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Anti-Violence Cartoons

The following is the introduction to an interesting website I came across. The owners have graciously given me permission to use their cartoons on BlueCornComics.com:


This 'zine has been put together by Patrick Moore, Marc Frucht and Brazilian artist Latuff.

A hostage situation at a Taco Bell, Subway or McDonald's. A mailman strangles a dog. A pro football team's favorite tight end rapes a teenager.

A Connecticut CEO shows up to work on a Monday morning and blows away the only 4 or 5 people in the whole company being paid more per year than him. An airline pilot feeds his wife into a tree-shredder and brings a hip-bone shard into the DA's office, slaps it down on the table saying, "Here, I killed my wife. Bet you can't prove it."

He can't.

Off-duty cops bash in a Catholic Bishop's head with a piece of large cement, letting him bleed to death just outside his house, just like the training manual taught. Denver's TCM announces an annual doom-festival where every day between MLK's birthday and April 20th is open season on all blacks, Hispanics and Jews in honor of Adolf Hitler's 4/20 birthday. What's going on in America today? Take your pick, any one or more of these probably showed up in your morning news just now.

What IS going on in America?

Latuff's 'toons
America's favorite pastime
Armed with pride
Mine is bigger than yours is
"Seems fun to shoot people"
"I can kill many creatures, including humans"
"I'm gonna show them who's the dork..."
Independence and the CIA

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