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Ill Eagle Immigrants

>> Why would *anyone OBJECT to giving monies to ill, eagle-immigrants? <<

Let the damn moochers make it on their own! Repeal the Endangered Species Act and other socialist regulations! No more welfare for wildlife!!!

>> Isn't the EAGLE the very SYMBOL of the USA? <<

No. We've poisoned the eagles, spit on the flag, and sold the Liberty Bell to Taco Bell. All that remains is the dollar sign.

>> I think if ill, eagle-immigrants are trying to get to this country, we should do EVERYTHING we can to help them <<

This is the attitude of a bleeding-heart bird-brain! Where will our little tweeties perch if these ill eagles are taking up all the branches? Who'll feed 'em after the eagles eat all the mice and rats? And what about this illness, anyway? Do you know if it's contagious? Will we have flocks of sick birds lying on the ground? Who's going to pay for sweeping them up, putting them in birdhomes, and nursing them to health...you?!

I say we shoot the eagles, stuff 'em, and sell 'em for decoration. It worked with the buffalo, didn't it? Now we have all that prime land available for speculation and subdivision.

People first, not critters! Pave the wetlands and shoot a fed! Property rights uber alles!

>> maybe even have a telethon to raise money to get them a flight, so they don't have to use what energy they have left to fly in on their own... <<

Typical liberal. Why don't you and the Mexicans and the ill eagles go back where you came from? Quit looking for a handout and get to work. Survive or die!


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