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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

From the Buffalo News:

Golisano's comments insulting to Senecas


It must have been an interesting anti-casino forum at the Adam's Mark Hotel. How ironic that on Columbus Day weekend, I had to read Thomas Golisano's spin on genocide and then his proclamation of ignorance in The News. He doesn't think members of the Seneca Nation should receive checks from casino revenues, saying all nationalities have either been "overrun" by foreign interests or taken advantage of in other ways. He wrote: "My family came from Italy, and I don't know how many times Italy was overrun by foreign countries. You know what? I don't get a check. I don't understand why members of the Seneca Nation should be getting checks for casino earnings."

Golisano should consider that in the 15th century, there were more than 10 million native peoples in North America. But by the beginning of the 20th century, our numbers had dwindled to less the 230,000. That's a pretty darn good "overrunning."

The Seneca Nation is a sovereign nation and now has financial resources to assure the welfare and betterment of its citizens. It's interesting that a billionaire, who knows a lot about opportunity and exploitation, should concern himself with the finances of the Seneca Nation. Do "opportunity and exploitation" sound familiar? Think about 1492.

Tyler C. Heron
Deer Clan
Seneca Nation of Indians

Rob's comment
One major difference between Golisano's Italian ancestors and the Indians is that his Italian ancestors didn't sign lawful treaties guaranteeing them rights and benefits. If they had, they could insist that whoever violated those treaties uphold them instead.

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