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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Faith healer's plea for exotic feathers

By Saima Mir

Bradford's own Shaman is turning to residents to help him gather exotic bird feathers for the latest addition to his Native American shrine.

Faith healer and businessman Lashman Singh's home in Clayton houses symbolic American Indian artefacts that he claims make it more inviting to the spirit world.

The 56-year-old, who started the Bradford Curry Project more than 15 years ago serving hot meals to homeless people, believes he can alleviate pain and cure illness through six spirit guides a service for which he does not charge.

Born into a Sikh family, brought up Roman Catholic and now following spiritualism, Mr Singh said: "I am looking for tropical bird feathers and exotic feathers of any colour to make a rainbow head-dress. I'll make use of even the tiniest feather."

He has used thousands of owl, eagle and hawk feathers, as well as animal skins and bones to create items ranging from sun-dance dresses to ceremonial clubs and crystal necklaces.

He said the items in his home in Maythorne Crescent are not worn but are purely symbolic and he is inspired or instructed to make them by the guides.

He said: "I get the wood from Heaton Woods. I have friends there who let me collect it. And I buy bits and pieces on my travels and then everything just comes to life."

Mr Singh also owns flue-cleaning firm AC Chimneys and founded the Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank to distribute food to the poor.

He says he first saw a spirit when he was 12 but only became interested in spiritualism 14 years ago. He said: "To be a spiritualist you can be of any faith it is just that you believe in the after-life. I do not think it matters what faith, colour or creed you are."

To contact Mr Singh, call (01274) 571482 or 07990 644586.

4:06pm Friday 6th October 2006

Rob's comment
Singh is a classic New Age wannabe pretender.

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