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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:


This might have aired earlier and only reached my local market (Canada CTV) today. On the MTV's Wild Boyz episode I think was entitled "Shark A Great Day for Science." (I didn't notice an episode number) one segment was about riding a buffalo, actually riding a bison.

The two regular cast members and a third person were dressed up in long plains style headdresses, complete with looked like woodlands style shirts, the costumes (can't dignify them with the word regalia or outfit) looked like they came out of a cheap theatrical costume store. One of them proceeded to ride what looked to be an extremely tame bison in a corral, while the other two kind of jumped up and down and did the "Wayo Wayo" or "Woohoo Woohoo" chant.

Only thing missing was the "Hollywood Beat" done on a hand drum. I almost forgot the surreal addition of two women in bathing suits sunbathing on a rock.

Not impressed at all with this stereotype. No one I know looks like this or acts like this. The bison looked rather bored with it all.

Now I know no one probably expects anything really high-brow from the Wild Boyz, but when they play dress up like other cultures/people/nations at least the show makes an attempt to be authentic, and even includes people of the other culture.

This was very offensive on that level.

A. NightHawk

(PS: Love your site, recommend it, and I'm a regular subscriber to NativeNews. Keep up the good work ;-))

Rob's comment
Needless to say, Indians didn't ride buffaloes, much less in regalia or accompanied by chants.

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