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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Regan Dugger Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Biggest turkey take ever

Published: July 10, 2004

By JENNIFER M. BEAR Of the News-Register

Now the world knows the truth doctors really are big turkeys. Or at least one of them is.

McMinnville urologist Dr. Craig Kiser was crowned Biggest Turkey on Friday night after raising the most money for Legacy VNA Hospice, $21,506. He also stole the show in the Biggest Turkey Lip-Synch Contest with an elaborate oceanic skit set to the tune of The Beatles' "Octopus' Garden."

Regan Dugger, a host with VIP services at Spirit Mountain Casino, was third biggest turkey with $7,631 and earned second place in the lip-synch contest performing "I Want to be a Cowboy." Wearing a Spider-Man pajama set, Dugger sat in a makeshift playpen on stage, sucking on a pacifier, surrounded by stuffed animals. As the lyrics of the song began to play, he climbed onto his stallion, a stuffed horse head attached to a stick, and galloped back and forth across the stage with a silly smile on his face.


Biggest Turkey candidate Regan Dugger, dressed as a cowboy, takes an arrow for his cause at the lip-synch contest. Dugger placed second in the contest.

Chrissy Ragulsky/News-Register

Rob's comment
Dugger's "Indian" shoots arrows and is dressed like a chief. Both are standard stereotypes denoting how primitive and savage Indias were.

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