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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Create your own totem

Under the button for games is an option that allows you to create your own totem by choosing an animal, a color, and an element. So easy!

Also, the people do not appear anywhere on the website, even though they were very important in the movie.

Rob's comment
I couldn't make the game work, but I saw the initial screen. The game does imply that choosing a totem is a simple matter of mixing and matching. So does the movie, with unlikely totems such as the "bear of love."

Choosing a totem isn't even a real rite for most tribes. In tribes that do have such a rite, it's usually accompanied by days of ceremonies, as befits its sacred nature. Probably no tribe has a ceremony as short and meaningless as draping an icon around someone's neck.

This act implies that Native religions are shallow—a matter of worshipping animals or spirits. It implies they're not as complex as mainstream religions such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. That's stereotypical.

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