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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Europeans see fascist specter behind Schwarznegger

Lyndon LaRouche

Al-Jazeerah, 10/10/03

A look into the funding of the Schwarzenegger campaign, and that of his "Twin" in the Democratic Party, Cruz Bustamante, reveals that they are both heavily financed by major Las Vegas casino owners, and their Indian gambling counterparts.

Schwarzenegger himself has been a beneficiary of the organized crime-linked casino interests, including casino financier Paul D. Wachter, since the early 1980s. Arnold is also backed by banker Russell Goldsmith, who is very close to Las Vegas casino kingpin Steve Wynn. Bustamante is notorious for his reliance on the Indian gambling interests, themselves frontgroups for the financiers behind the casinos. Bustamente's connection to these organized crime-linked circles helps explain why he is openly campaigning for the recall—and thus, effectively, for the election of Beast-man Schwarzenegger.

Rob's comment
The notions that all casinos are linked to organized crime, and that Indians are "frontgroups" for organized crime, are stereotypical. In fact, no investigation of Indian gaming has ever shown a link to organized crime.

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