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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry. From Indianz.com:

Tribes 'terrorized' by white men

Three white men in Oregon have been arrested for what a local sheriff said was "an act of terrorism" against a community where the Klamath Tribes have their offices.

Witnesses said the men drove through the town of Chiloquin on December 1, brandishing guns and shouting "Sucker lovers." The reference is to the tribes, who consider the sucker fish sacred.

The Klamath basin has been the center of tension between tribes and non-Indians because the Department of Interior cut off water to local farmers protect the sucker fish and other species. Just yesterday, Oregon State University scientists released a draft report about the situation, saying racism has played a factor.

Rob's comment
Calling Klamath Indians "sucker lovers" is, of course, a stereotype. I'd dismiss it as the bad breeding of a few white folks, but the report indicates that racism against Indians is a subtle but pervasive factor.

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