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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Some excerpts from "The View From The Hogan #15":

So, the persecution of Kee Shay continues. Some background....... Kee Shay is an elderly Dineh man. He and his family have spent their lives raising a small flock of sheep, tending a small cornfield, hauling water and firewood and maintaining ceremony.

Now the Corporate Hopis have slapped one of their infamous "exclusion orders" on Kee. Telling him he is trespassing on the Hopi Reservation.

How is Kee threatening the Hopi Tribe? The nearest Hopi is twenty miles away. None of the absentee Hopi cattle barons are running stock near his land.

On the seventh day of this farce Kee collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Success for the Corporate Hopis. For thirty years they have done everything they can to cause suffering and stress to the resisters.

The HTC [Hopi Tribal Council] barks about how this is a great step forward for "Indian Sovereignty", but in truth it just gives the Tribal Council unlimited dictatorial power to enforce the will of the corporations and US Governement against Indian people.

Rob's comment
This is a true novelty: One Indian stereotyping another whole Indian tribe. Imagine the surprise of the Hopi to learn they're absentee cattle barons and corporate operatives. They can prove they've occupied this land for millennia, which is much, much longer than any Navajo have occupied the land.

Again, this is one person's belief, but it represents a belief widely held. Namely, a belief that a cabal of US government agents and Hopi tribal officials have taken over the Hopi tribe. This, in turn, implies that some 10,000 Hopi citizens are so blind to the truth they need outsiders like the above writer to guide them by the hand. How patronizing, condescending, and insulting can you get?

The whole "View from the Hogan" is riddled with false and misleading claims. To learn the real situation, go to The Kee Shay Exclusion Hearing.

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