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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Subj: Re: Stereotype of the Month—this is a real contest—-funny & RESPONSE
Date: 3/8/00 11:16:06 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: CATV7777
To: ShngSprt

Well, that is an easy shoe-in.

I recently was approached by a young man who was white, a Neo-Nazi type.

He began to discuss with me the ins and outs of what he felt was his own philosophy of life.

Now at this point the conversation was pretty meager, then he asked me about First Nations people, not knowing a lot about them.

He then proceeded to talk about what he had learned as a child about Indians, politics on TV, etc.

Then he looked at me and said:

Why the hell don't you people get back on that damn boat, the Cauliflower, and go back to where you came from?

This is not a joke, this is what I was told.

Well, wrong thing to say to me.

Without not wanting to break a leg or two, I got real into his face.

I used a few choice words he didn't understand and some counterparts in English I'm sure he got the whiff of.

Then I proceeded to give him a quick history lesson, and of course I did do my very best to insult his intelligence, and not once said anything about his mother.

To make a long story short, he apologized but not without the understanding that it may be at the risk of me being placed in silver bracelets, which just seem to be very stylish of late, or he may take a short trip to the nearest medical facility.

I am sure, by the way, as he was leaving, that he either thought I was one crazy red man, or that I was just to damn old to put up with any crap from some young buck of a know-it-all.

Besides, as I told him, I wouldn't want him to have to explain to all his friends why an old man like myself just whipped his ass.

Now this is my story, which is all true, and after this all happened I did stop to reflect.

Now being I am federally carded, I stopped and thought on his words.

I asked myself how stupid are people today?

Well, we all know that answer.

But then I did get a chuckle out of the fact, that this young man thought we all came here, and that the boat's name was the Cauliflower

No wonder the illiterate rate of those graduating in this country is so high.

Talk about higher education,

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