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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another Stereotype of the Month entry:

Forwarded from: Jim Craven.

____Dear Friends,

Eugene Johnson (He Who Laughs A Lot) and his daughter Felicia, 4 years old, are both Siletz Indians (the Siletz require only 1/16th blood-quantum as the Nation is almost extinct) but Eugene and his daughter are far far more than 1/16th (not that blood-quantum is any kind of issue other than to show how close to extinction the Siletz are). His ex-wife is white and is a "Pentecostal Christian" who is seeking custody of Eugene's child (Felicia is not her biological child but from a previous relationship between Eugene and Felicia's mother prior to his previous marriage) specifically in order to "de-Indianize" Felicia and quote: "save her from having a heathen/pagan soul as a result being raised as an Indian." Further, in the ex-wife's home, among her relatives, there have already been documented cases of pedophilia and sexual abuse; Felicia is in real danger in that home from more than forced assimilation and "conversion."

This is a case for NACWA (Native American Child Welfare Act) and the Siletz Nation to take up in court but as always, money talks and often lawyers-and corrupt Tribal officials—talk money not justice or principles. In Article II of the 1948 UN Convention on Genocide, one of the five tests and definition of genocide is the "forcible transferring of children of one group to another group." Further, there appears to be some personal animosity triggering his ex-wife's actions—beyond her Pentecostal arrogance and zeal to attempt force another Indian child into "Christianity" (as was done also to my mother at Fort Hall, Idaho).

If anyone can give legal counsel, send donations or send letters of support, this is a worthy cause (I know Eugene and Felicia personally and can attest to the bond and love between them) and is a microcosm of a wider ugly reality and trend vis-a-vis forced adoptions/assimilations/conversions of Indian children in America, Canada and all over the world where there are Indigenous children.

Please help in any way possible. Eugene may be reached at hewholaughsalot@yahoo.com.

Also, please circulate this appeal as widely as possible on the net; you can help to save one Siletz child and make a statement against genocide.

Jim Craven

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