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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another response to the Stereotype of the Month entry on Howard Stern, Son of a Beach:

>> In this new, politically correct culture, we seem to have decided that ANY stereotype is bad. <<

Yep. So?

>> I have tried to make the point that many tereotypes are accurate and therefore fair, but I was immediately attacked for this. <<

You tried and failed, if the postings I read were any example.

>> If stereotyping is always bad <<

Let's say "generally" bad, not always bad. Stereotyping is especially bad when the stereotype is negative and far removed from the underlying facts.

>> our culture has a problem. <<

Yep. So? Our culture does have a problem. The solution is to do something about the problem, not apologize for it and hope it goes away.

>> Look at ANY movie and almost everything you see could be termed a stereotype.

Yep. So? You can ignore the problem, as most people do. Or you can attack one portion of it as representative of the problem, as I've done.

>> I believe it is the usual situation. We begin to accept something as bad, and then people take advantage of it.

The usual situation...a culture operating on inaccurate stereotypes? Sounds like a problem to me. To coin a phrase, you can be part of the problem, or part of the solution.

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