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Artists' Showcase

On this page we showcase the artwork of professional and amateur Native artists.

Fine artists

Michelle Tsosie Sisneros (Santa Clara/Navajo/Laguna/Mission)
"Cloud People" (poster for Indian Market 2000)

April White (Haida)
Raven and Sun
"Room with a View"

Allen Knows Gun (Crow)

Bunky Echo-Hawk (Yakama/Pawnee)
Paintings—Face Value
Paintings—Gas Mask As Medicine
Paintings—Skin Ball
Early Work

Cal Nez (Navajo)
Utah Navajo Fair—Ahoohai Days
Navajo Nation Fair (1989/1990/1995)
Navajo Leaders

Roland Torivio (Hopi)
"Midnight Mesa"

Garrett Vitanza
Guardian Spirit
Invoking the Ancestors

Other fine artists
American Indian Art from the Pacific Northwest

Comic-book and cartoon artists

Steve Lightle
Original art gallery

Gene Gonzales (Choctaw)
The Legion of Super-Heroes

Patrick Rolo (Bad River Chippewa)
Patrick may do some art for PEACE PARTY.

Futuristic city
Cyber woman
Goro the warrior
Bear Clan layout #1
Bear Clan layout #2
The Anti-Indian Team
Layout for PEACE PARTY #1, page 3
Layout for PEACE PARTY #1, page 4
Layout for PEACE PARTY #1, page 5
Layout for PEACE PARTY #1, page 6
Layout for PEACE PARTY #1, page 7
Billy and Drew
Rain Falling and Snake Standing
Billy lashes out
Billy and Drew—various
Drew's new headgear
Snake Standing does magic

Ryan Huna Smith (Colorado River Indian Tribes)
Rain Falling of Peace Party
Frybread Man
Detail of TRIBAL FORCE #1
Red Ink cover (Spring 1997)
Red Ink cover (Fall 1998)

Jessica Moffett (Navajo)
TOBIAS image #1
TOBIAS image #2

Polly Keeshig-Tobias (Ojibway)
Among other projects, Polly drew and colored The Illustrated History of the Chippewas of Nawash.

Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 24

Marty Two Bulls (Lakota)
Current Indian Country Today political cartoons
Everything is going to be all right!
Senator Tom Daschle
2004 Grammy Awards:  OutKast
Star maiden
The spirits are watching us
America's first welfare case
Justice is blind
Is there honor in this country?
Is the word "Redskin" offensive to you?
Indian Made
Big Chief Pataki:  The Wall Street Journal's View
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2002: President Jimmy Carter
2002 Olympian Naomi Lang

Joe Flying Horse
Around the Rez

Thom Little Moon

Mark L. Mindt (Spirit Lake Sioux)
Koda the Warrior #1

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas (Haida)
Rocking Raven

Steve Premo (Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe)
A Hero's Voice
Dreams of Looking Up

Matt Atkinson (Ojibway)
River and the Weird Kid

Roy Boney Jr. (Cherokee)

Chad Solomon (Ojibway)
Rabbit and Bear Paws
Artwork Portfolio

Theo Tso (Navajo/Southern Paiute)
Theo worked on the prototype issue of PEACE PARTY and may do more work for us in the future.

PEACE PARTY #0 illustrations
Thor page #1
Thor page #2
Thor page #3
Thor page #4
J. Jonah Jameson reaches out
Stately Wayne Manor

Curtis Buckanaga (Ojibway)
Warriors and maiden
Canton Lore

Ivan Uses the Knife
Jon Knife #1
Jon Knife #2

Marv Wilson—writer
Angry Indian Comics
The West
Broken Bow

Ruben Chavez (Hispanic/Native American)
Ruben is working on his EL OJO comic book story and may do a story for PEACE PARTY.

El Ojo
Colonel Chivington announces attack on Sand Creek
Captain Soule assassinated for protesting massacre
Inks on PEACE PARTY #1
Ranch in the grip of snake
Indian guy at counter
"We're moving..."

Jerry Seltzer (part Iroquois)

Unknown artist—with Santa Fe clip art
Hopi collage postcard
Navajo collage postcard

Amateur artists

Lorri Carrico (EastMain/Free Cree)
The Loon

Todd Auvil (Cherokee)
Steve Reevis

Still more images
Blue Corn Comics graphics

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