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Response to PUNISHER #1 Review

Another response to my PUNISHER #1 review:

>> .... and all I have to say is that it is the most moronic, off-topic, pompous view point and review I've seen... ever. <<

Thanks, I liked it too.

But "off-topic"? The topic is what I say it is. My review can't be off my own topic, by definition.

As for "pompous," I've found people generally use that word to mean "I don't like what you're saying, but I can't dispute it intelligently." That would seem to apply here, too.

>> I highly doubt that a kid decides to kill his class-mates after reading a Punisher comic <<

I never said he did.

>> And just about anyone who could kill another human being would have to of been born different in the first place. But of course that is a dirty secret <<

Sounds like a dirty and stupid myth, to me. Are white Anglo-Saxon people "born different" in the US than in nonviolent places such as Britain, Scandinavia, and so forth? What exactly is the difference? Is it the water, the air, or the food? Are we genetically different from the Brits and others? Enlighten me.

If you think it's our parents' fault, as others have suggested, then, once again, how are British and other parents different from American parents? Different parenting schools, or what? Please, someone, give me a definite answer.

I should note that I'm not a parent, so if it is "our parents' fault," I'm still doing my job by blaming others. <g>

>> it's easier to take the moral high-ground and blame the entertainment media, isn't it? <<

Than what...than blaming people for being "born different"? No, my way is harder because it requires actual proof. Which I've provided, in summary form. Your way is simple because it's a slogan without evidence to back it up.

>> And as for you blaming Garth Ennis, Mr. Shmidt, have you ever read a 'Punisher' comic before in your life? <<

Yep. I own his first appearance in SPIDER-MAN, his first mini-series, and the first couple of issues of his regular series. How about you?

The first issue of the Steven Grant/Mike Zeck mini-series is a veritable masterpiece. It blows this version out of the water. Apparently you haven't read it, or you'd know there's no comparison.

If you want characterization, here are some of Castle's thoughts from PUNISHER (mini-series) #2:

I can't kill all of them. I see a day, not too far off, when I'll be too slow. Then I'll be dead and they'll go on. And nothing will have changed.

There's got to be a better way.

That's characterization, friend. The present Punisher is one-dimensional compared to this. Garth Ennis, take note.

>> He has never used mercy bullets. <<

Never? I'm pretty sure he has used them, especially in team-ups with Spider-Man and others. Heroes like Spidey wouldn't tolerate killing on their watch.

I'll keep my eyes open for mercy bullets and other examples of Castle's willingness not to kill. My main point was that the killings used to happen off-panel or weren't explicit—with flesh ripping apart and blood spurting. Now they are explicit, and Ennis is glorying in it.

The Punisher's killing used to be a grim necessity. Now, as shown by his tossing a criminal off a skyscraper, it's a depraved sport of self-gratification. In the past, the Punisher could justify a "war on crime," but even war has rules. Castle isn't warring now, he's murdering.

>> If you're going to blame the comic for every problem in today's youth <<

If I were going to do that, I would've done it.

>> you might as well focus on the other hundred or so writers who have handled him as well. <<

1) They aren't writing him now, and 2) they didn't make the unsupportable claim of purveying the Punisher as "entertainment."

>> The comic is entertaining <<

Not to me, obviously.

>> in case you didn't know we have the right to be entertained in this country without censor-crazy prods like you <<

When I call for censorship, you'll be the first one to know. If you want to know what I do advocate, click here.

>> But then stop complaining that the rest of us shouldn't see it as well. <<

In case you didn't know it, I have the First Amendment right to complain about whatever I want.

>> I just love it how you compare the average punisher reader to a Columbine killer. <<

Thanks, I thought that was a good way to top off the review.

>> Yes, I'm sure this comic book which is for a niche market anyway, will be the cause of the next school shooting <<

"Source material" isn't the same as "cause," but that distinction may be too subtle for you.

>> surely not the fact that guns are so easily obtainable here, and there are almost zero gun laws. <<

As recent developments show, some gun makers are willing to add safety features. There's room for improved gun control without infringing on anyone's rights.

>> Now, off of that sordid point, you really manage to stay on-topic here (In case this goes over your narrow mind, Im being sarcastic.) <<

What exactly did you believe my topic was? Pray tell. You seem to think you know it better than I did.

>> How do you go from Punisher, to 'Itchy and Scratchy' for several paragraphs, to the effect of the media on school shooters?! <<

Ennis raised the "Itchy and Scratchy" example in his back-of-the-book essay. Since all three relate to the topic of media violence and its effects, I'd say I stayed on-topic after all.

>> Tell me, have you ever heard of "focus"? <<

Tell me, have you ever heard of "professional writer"? When you become one, as I have, I'll take your critique of my "focus" a little more seriously.

>> Maybe it would be easier to take in your points and see their validity if it was better structered and more organized for the reader. <<

That's a subjective judgment. Maybe it could've been more focused, maybe not. I hardly spent years crafting this little gem. Unlike other postings on this site, it's more of a spontaneous rant than a studied analysis.

>> Ah well, I hope 'Fan-views' smartens up and doesn't accept any more of your bias knee-jerk reviews. <<

I don't know about that. If it generates enough controversy, it may increase the site's readership. That may please Psycomic.com even if it doesn't please some of its readers.

In fact, maybe Psycomic will make me a regular columnist. What do you think? Wouldn't that be fun?

>> Here's MY generous grade for YOUR review: D- <<

Whoa, I'm crushed—not. But for your sake, I'll try to do better next time, okay?

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