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Response to PUNISHER #1 Review

Another response to my PUNISHER #1 review:

>> "Columbine kid killers and the like will rejoice". That's a little harsh, man. <<

Hey, you've got to use a little hyperbole to stir people out of their apathy.

>> I've been reading Punisher on and off since I was a teenager <<

I have too, though most "off."

>> I've never killed anyone <<

Me neither. Amazing how much we have in common. <g>

>> Garth Ennis' particular brand of lowbrow mayhem shenanigans has always brought a smile to my face <<

I think Ennis does fine in PREACHER and HELLBLAZER, and I haven't condemned those books for their violence. His take on PUNISHER is a different matter—judging by the first issue and the back-of-book essay, that is.

>> And yet, even though I take it all too seriously, I still remember the difference between reality and fantasy. <<

The thing to remember is that no one (well, almost no one) is saying media violence causes people to pull the trigger. What they are saying is that it desensitizes people to violence. Then, when things go wrong and people become upset, they're more likely to choose a violent solution.

That's not a direct cause, it's an indirect one. It's something we can and should do something about. Like protesting, if nothing else. Jawboning the media to clean up its act.

>> I was around guns and guns were around, which would doubtless be verboten these days, but I learned that guns can kill. <<

I went target-shooting with my dad, so I know how to use a gun. In theory, that is, since it's been almost 30 years. But we didn't kill any cute li'l animals for sport. That would've been wrong.

>> Columbine was an atrocity. I don't think it will be the last.
Punisher was a comic.
I don't see the connection. <<

The connection is that every example of media violence contributes to our culture of violence. It's especially true when people shoot and kill with impunity and don't suffer the consequences for it. Which is why this PUNISHER comic doesn't compare to PREACHER, BATMAN, or Saving Private Ryan.

>> P.S. Good luck with Peace Party. <<

Thanks, I'll need it!


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