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Response to PUNISHER #1 Review

Another response to my PUNISHER #1 review:

>> the number one problem i had was your hyperbole that ennis's punisher is contributing to the downfall of our society. <<

I didn't say THE PUNISHER was a prime contributor to the downfall of our society. It's one of many, many contributors. And I don't think our society is falling down, in general. Violence is a perpertual dark spot on an otherwise improving society.

One reason for focusing on comics is because they're on the trailing-edge of pop culture. When something filters down to comics, you can bet it's already entrenched in other forms of entertainment (movies, music, video games). So comics aren't a prime "cause," but they're an indicator of how bad things have become.

>> anyone who is reading the punisher series is at least 15, which is plenty old enough to tell the difference between real and not real. <<

Let's tell that to all the young adults and adults who act out their John Wayne, lone-gunman fantasies.

>> another thing is that you cant really compare a comic to a TV show. the reasons for that are 1) so many more people watch television than read comics. <<

I don't think I compared a comic to a TV show, did I? I agree that movies, TV shows, and so forth are more substantial influences. So? I'm saying the PUNISHER comic represents the problems in our society. It isn't the sole problem or even the major problem itself.

>> 2) since comics are drawings, they can't be as graphic as video of people. <<

Yes, yes. See above.

>> i hope you can see my point of view on the matter. <<

Saw it. Discussed it. I hope you now see my point of view. <g>


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