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Memo from a Fellow Retailer


June 14, 1999

To:  Fellow Retailers
From:  Steve Bates, Manager, Bookery Fantasy

Re:  PEACE PARTY #1 (Previews Code #MAY991326)

Just a follow-up note to my last memo to retailers. I've been corresponding with PEACE PARTY's publisher, Rob Schmidt, and am impressed so far. He's responded quickly, answered my questions, and shown enthusiasm for my suggestions. Unlike so many new publishers, he seems to be a professional who sees retailers as business partners. I feel confident he's going to put out a high-quality book on schedule with no missed shipments.

From what Rob has told me, his e-mails are only the tip of his marketing iceberg. He has plans for a whole campaign, including mainstream media coverage of his multicultural themes. I hear PEACE PARTY is being featured in such publications as the American Indian Review, the Circle, and Indian Country Today (the largest newspaper in Indian country). There also should be articles in mainstream newspapers, including the chance of one in USA Today, which would be a major coup (no pun intended).

I don't need to tell you that articles in national publications can bring new customer(s) into our shops—folks who normally wouldn't be caught dead reading comics. To me, the prospect of reaching these people (women, minorities, the entire hip-hop generation) and selling them our mainstay products is an exciting one. That's another reason why I'm ordering PEACE PARTY #1 and featuring it on my website.

Steve Bates
Manager, Bookery Fantasy

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