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Selling PEACE PARTY at Powwows

>> Did you ever think about selling these at the powwows across the nation? There are powwows going on, year 'round, and lotsa vendors and buyers there. A good way to reach an appreciative audience. <<

Yes, I tried a few times. I couldn't sell enough to break even on the vendor fee. I have a few theories about why.

One is that I didn't have a fancy booth or extensive product line, as most vendors have. It was just me, my comic, and a card table. I suspect I looked unappealing without all the "infrastructure."

Two is that I think most powwow buyers go for impulse items. That means cheap jewelry or beadwork or t-shirts. There are almost no sellers of fine Indian crafts, because that would take knowledgeable buyers, and almost no book or magazine sellers.

Three is that this comic is a hard sell no matter what. It's too "peaceful" for today's kids, who (think they) want sex and violence. That includes Indian kids, alas. Adults, of course, think comics are "kid stuff" from way back. They're not likely to change their opinion after seeing me at my card table.

In short, I think a powwow is like a swap meet or other "mass market" event. You don't go to one looking for fine art or literature. I can only hope PEACE PARTY falls into both categories. <g>

I do have one friend who is trying to sell the comics whenever she has a booth. And I've made a deal with a couple of vendors and am seeking more. Arrayed among a wall or case of items, PEACE PARTY might look inviting. Alone on my little table, it looks forlorn.

A few established vendors with Indian craft shops have ordered PEACE PARTY. They've even reordered it. Obviously, they managed to sell their lot to customers. Selling well is clearly possible, but they can do it better than I can. I need them (and others) to work as my "agents."

Talk to the vendors you know or meet. Tell them I'll send them a free sample if they're interested. The book should sell itself if we can get it into the right hands.

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