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PEACE PARTY Evaluations
Native American Studies 211
Montana State University-Billings


Extra-credit evaluations of PEACE PARTY by students in NAS 211, December 2002:

The comic books in the Peace Party collection were very interesting. I actually enjoyed reading them. In the first issue, "On the Road to Danger," I really liked the introduction. It is neat the way the authors talked about the creation of earth. I thought this was very important to the story line. The action through out the comic was great except that I really did not understand what the office setting had to do with the brothers. Maybe if I would read the next issues I would understand better or maybe I just missed the connection as I read it.

The first comic was good. I really liked the intro. This got the reader interested and into the mindset that they should be in to understand the way of thinking the people had. I thought that it was interesting that this was the fourth world to have life on it. As the comic begins in the woods the three guys are arguing. They all are very different from each other. The younger guy is a businessman, always on the go and very taken in by the modern world. The other-young guy has long hair and is very in tune with nature. Perhaps That is why he has long hair. The oldest man gets knocked unconscious early in the comic so I do not find out much on him. I think that the crash is ironic because of the personalities of these three men. The crash ends up bringing the closer together and helps them understand each other. The younger two men have to make a decision to stay together and look for help. The one who is more in tune with nature tries to look deeper into what could help them in this awful mess they were in. He focuses on the Native Religion that he has grown up with. He thinks that with these beliefs they will make it possible to get out of the predicament they are in. The other young business man seems to have forgotten all of these practices because of the modern world he lives in. He does not understand why they should turn to religion to help them and thinks it is foolish. During the crash though, they both have a dream about when the land was full of large creatures. This makes him more in touch and tries to understand what it is they must do.

One reason that these comics were so good was because they were very action packed. They kept the reader involved, not wanting to stop reading. How many bad things can happen to these two guys. They have to have had the worst day of their life. Between the crash, running in to murderers that were then after them, then getting someone else involved by using his car. Lucky for them the blind lady let them in and helped them. If she had been a mean lady or one of the guys that were trying to kill them they would have been dead. I liked the point that even though they had weapons in the end they never really used them on the other men. I think that is great for the whole peace keeping idea. It is amazing that with all the action there seemed to be that nobody really got hurt. This is a great message that was put out to others in the world today.

The title is a very good title for this particular comic. It suggests that the Indians would much rather keep peace amongst everything and everybody. Most of the things that you hear of Indians now a day are bad or at least violent. It is nice that the authors are trying to change peoples perspective. Another good thing was the way that nature was so involved. I thought it was great that nature was the most prized possession that there was to the guys. I mean the one guy was willing to risk his life to save nature and how nobody had gotten hurt in the long run but the bad guys were arrested and taken away.

I liked to part about the tourists, they had no idea what was going on but they were having a good time. I guess that can be an image of how it is today. White people do not see the same way as the Indians had. It is so typical of the way society is today. People going on vacation but having no idea what else could be going on at the time or the beliefs of others. People tend to make fools of themselves while on vacation because they are often clueless. In this storyline I did not understand what the significance of the tourists was, what did they do to the story?

I found the comics very good. I liked to read them, which surprised me. I did not think that I would like them as much as I did. I think that I learned more from the comics than I have in the books because it kept me interested. They got my attention and kept it there. I wanted to know how the guys were going to get away or out of the mess. I was shocked that nobody got hurt in the end. This was the most interesting thing about the whole story and the strongest message, that violence is not needed to solve problems. That was my favorite part; I feel that it had the most impact on the reader.


This paper is on the two issues of the Peace Party comic books. In this paper I intend to give a comparison with other comics, my own thoughts of what I think of the comics, and some commentary on how well it is put together. Hopefully this paper will be clear on the points I would like to make.

To start off, I would like to compare this comic book with other comics. The first thing that I noticed about it were the super heroes in it. Not only are they the first super heroes to be Native American but they are also the first that I have come across that apparently got their powers from a god. Also, they were given their powers to help the gods try to restore balance in the world by eliminating those that are evil without actually killing them. Well except for that plane crash. Other super heroes get powers through radio active accidents or by mutation of one kind or another. Also, other super heroes don't seem to be involved with any religion that I can see, and their enemies are usually just out for world domination or are out to kill them because of hate for that specific kind of person. Also, to state the obvious other super heroes are usually very white and out just to achieve peace in one city or world peace between mutants and regular humans.

This is also the first comic that I've come across that starts out with a creation story to set the scene. I was very impressed with it because besides setting the scene it also gives valuable insight to a culture's beliefs that is easy to understand. Also, they did a good job of tying it in with the plot of the story when the god gave them their powers and told them that this fourth world was coming to an end and the fifth was coming and that they were there to help pave the way. As far as I know, this is the first time that the super heroes have common and ordinary names. I have never heard of super heroes that have the names Billy and Drew before. Also, they are amazingly modest and not flamboyant when they give their explanation to the cops about what happened. Also, they are the first to not immediately have a super hero costume. Another thing that I noticed is that they say something to gain access to their powers instead of just being able to wave a hand or have the power without some sort of help. I believe that right their is another first. Something else that I noticed is that they are not immediately part of a conspiracy. Instead they simply stumble upon that gang by accident.

These two issues were also very well written as far as I can tell. The main heroes have a good dialogue together and seem to complement each other. I didn't find any misspelled words that I noticed and all the conversations where tied together and made sense except maybe when Drew started singing that was a little on the strange side. After all who would really sing when being chased by a gang that wants to kill you. But then again none of it is real so I guess it doesn't have to make sense to me.

The comic also did a very good job in another area. I was impressed with how well they incorporated issues that are important to Native Americans. Like the whole issue over water use for the coal mine and the conflict with the economic support that the mine gives to the tribes. They also did a good job of implying that the heroes will be dealing with that in a future issue. That in turn would help get readers interested and wanting to read future issues of the comic. Which is just good business for the ones that created the comic, a really good selling strategy. Also, the way in which they first used their powers was also well done. It is interesting how they display the words that are used to gain access to the powers they have been given and the description that is given to them. It is a very unique approach that I have not seen before.

All in all they are not bad at all. They are easy to understand and read. They don't leave you wondering how something happened or how it ties into the other things going on. It wasn't over done at all. Plus the heroes look like regular guys that you would come across any where. They are not conceited or become full of themselves once they receive the powers. They also don't claim the powers as coming from them. It is a very refreshing approach that I like a lot.

This comic book series is not only good for entertainment purposes but also good for letting people get a glimpse of what another culture is like and what they believe. I think they would be good for anyone to read regardless of race as there is nothing offensive in them as far as I can tell. I do, however, agree that it is better for a slightly more mature age group as it does have some religious parts to it which may be confusing to younger children who are still learning about the religion of there own family and culture. I definitely see how these comics could be helpful in a class room situation that is trying to learn about some of the Native American beliefs in connection with the Hopi and Navajo.

I was so impressed with these issues that I am thinking about getting more issues as they come out so I can continue to see how the creators of this comic book plan to develop the comic. Also, I have begun to talk with my mother about possible getting some issues for my younger sister when she is a little bit older as she is Native American.

One group which might not welcome this comic into their homes are Christians. The reason for that is that the beliefs that are expressed in the comic are very different from what Christians believe. They will most likely find them too confusing to their children and harmful to their children's spiritual upbringing and identity. Even for their older children who often go through a time of identity crisis in which they try to get a better understanding of God and their own beliefs and what it all means to them. Other than that I can see this comic book eventually becoming very popular especially if it gets used as part of an educational curriculum.


Peace Party Comic Books were interesting to read. I found them somewhat hard to follow because they jumped from one story to another. In volume number one we started out with three characters camping and one realizes he has to get back to town for a meeting. Then they are hiking back to the car to head back to town, and ended up getting themselves in a wreck. Billy and Drew leave Oliver bundled up and head to find help for their friend. They then. stumble upon a gang and get caught up in whatever is happening with what the gang is up to, the gang leader wants to kill them. Then we jump to meanwhile, which does nor make any sense to the storyline. The significance, for that is what. It is very confusing. I understand there should be some kind of a lesson that is understood but this one has no significance to the story of three guys getting into a traffic accident. Then we go back to the story and Billy and Drew are walking down the road for help. Now they come upon the gang trying to kill some guy. I know that there are supposed to be heroes in this story but the author of this comic don't make it very. clear of who the heroes really are. Then the story ends with Billy and Drew continually running from this particular gang. They stop a car and get in and tell the man to drive but the man thinks it is a highjacking and does not want to drive. One bullet is shot and he stepson the gas and pushes it into the carburetor. The comic book ends with the gentle men getting themselves into a wreck. The gang approaches and wants to kill Billy and Drew but finds the driver dead and the guys gone. So the stories end with Billy and Drew running from the gang and are ahead of them but are not covering their tracks. The story is not too hard to follow but with the twists and turns this story does take it can be difficult to follow. The heroes I assume are Billy and Drew who try to save their friend and will they are supposedly saving Oliver they run into trouble and somehow escape from the gang.

Peace Party Comic Book volume 2 starts with the gang approaching the abandoned car. ‘The guy that Drew and Billy got in with on the road before is now dead. Now the supposed heroes are running on foot and the gang members are not far behind them. How do you have a conversation while you are running? I find that to be very difficult. When Drew and Billy are crossing a barbed wire fence, Billy's coat gets stuck and they don't try to take it off the fence they just leave the coat. Now, if it were I I would have taken a few precious seconds to remove the coat from the fence and continue on my merry way. You can't pet a cow unless they were raised in an area with lots of people so I find that a little unrealistic. Both the guys are starving but still have to run in order to save their lives. I think the snake part is cool. Where the one guy wants to eat the snake but his friend says no because it is a messenger and it's telling us to keep going because of help that is up ahead. All of a sudden a plane spots them and starts to fire the weapons. They come upon a farmhouse and go inside to hide when a kind old woman greets them and offer to feed them. What is the significance of the powers? Do these powers show that Drew and Billy are the heroes of this comic book?

Well, the comic books are all right. I guess they tell you something about stereotypes and other issues that American Indians face everyday. I'm not a comic book reader so they were okay. I haven't read any other comics to know if they compare at all or not. I say they are okay. I think for next semester you should do the same thing because I think critique something is easier than picking a topic and writing a paper on that particular topic.

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