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Stereotype of the Month Entry

Another response to a Stereotype of the Month Entry:  Mardi Gras Indians:

>> first of all your usage of the word "Krewe" is wrong. Mardi Gras Indians do not refer to their selfs as part of a Krewe. <<

My usage? The quote on krewes

Their "Krewes" are named for imaginary Indian tribes according to the streets of their ward or gang.

comes from an official website on the Mardi Gras Indians at Mardi Gras Indians:  Tradition and History. If you disagree with their definition, take it up with them. I've merely commented on their usage of the word.

I hope the rest of your claims that I'm wrong are better than this one. Because you've apparently misunderstood who was writing what. It's the Mardi Gras Indians themselves who said krewes are named after imaginary Indian tribes.

>> Therefore Mardi Gras Indians are not part of Krewes. Their part of gangs or tribes. <<

Your own Mardi Gras Indians wrote that krewes are named for imaginary Indian tribes. Whether the Mardi Gras Indians belong to krewes or gangs or tribes is a different matter. Again, the question is where the names of the krewes came from, not which people belong to the krewes.

I'll get to the rest of your assertions later. So far, you're the only one who's made mistakes. Better luck next time.

Rob Schmidt

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