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Response to PUNISHER #1 Review

A response to my PUNISHER #1 review:

Actually, I've combined two responses here and eliminated the overlap. The first message came from someone I'll call "Justin." The second message came from a different ID, someone I'll call "John." By an incredible coincidence, John managed to duplicate Justin's posting, though he added a few extra comments.

Is this proof that two monkeys on separate typewriters can each produce Shakespeare? I'll let you be the judge. Needless to say, I haven't corrected a thing. I'm running these exactly as I received them.

hey u piece of horse shit

the punisher is one of the best Marvel books ever published

i know all u like to read is books approved by the comic code (which is something just as worthy of a gang killing as u)

u motherfuckin hippy

i hope u die

and if u ever say shit bout Garth, i will seriously kick yo' fuckin ass all over this Goddamn place

fuck u and all your no violence bullshit, unless youre some fucked up, tree huggin hippy (which im sure u are) whos high on crack, everybody likes violence and that grossman guy, fuck him too, u actually bought that fuckin book?

u serioiusly suck cock for a living

why do u shame the comic book industry by buyin the books and writin shit about them

i wish your head was twisted 180 degrees because u surely deserved it from what i read

rubber bullets?

what the fuck u been smokin?

crack? yeah probably BUTT CRACK!

u piece of shit, callin one of the most entertaining books i bought the past month one of the "most worthless comic of the decade"

i hope u get hit by car or somethin


hell u havent read any Vertigo books have u, u piece of cow shit

why dont u spend all yo' free time fuckin a goat instead of readin comics, cause clearly ure too good for comics u tub of goat shit

and what kind of fuckin comic do u write?

Peace party?

about fuckin indians?


thats gotta be the gayest shit i have ever heard

i hope your comic gets cancelled or somethin and u go out of business and then u end up on the street and u become a fuckin hobo and then some semi runs u over cause u deserve to die

and u telin me they suppose to fight prejudice and pollution

how old are u, and u actually expect to get sales?

how fucked up in the head are u?

was your mom a crack whore when u were born?

blue corn comics?

what kind of shit is that?

u seriously suck donkey ass u piece of shit

well i have to go now u cum-guzzling animal fucker

and i really hope u will die

u make me sick

I said this speaks for itself, and I think it does. But anyone who knows me knows I'll reply to anything. If you're curious how I answered this typical Punisher fan, read on.

Rob responds
"Whoa, nellie...I'm stunned. I've rarely received a message this eloquent."

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