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The Evidence Against Media Violence

Another response to The Evidence Against Media Violence:

>> Okay... I'll try to keep this short although that may be tough. The issue of movie and music violence being a contribution to suicides and homicides is very debatable. <<

Not really. The evidence is pretty conclusive.

>> There is one problem with this issue; the human mind doesn't operate under the influence of movie and music violence. <<

Says who? Cite the research to support your position if you can. Your opinion on the matter doesn't contradict the evidence.

>> How can you people be sure that those are the real causes for our actions. You can't. <<

First, I'm just reporting what researchers have found. I'm not one of "those people" doing the studies myself.

More important, I think most of the studies distinguish between violence being a contributing factor and a "real cause." You used the word "contribution" above. Stick with it, since it's closer to what "we" believe.

>> Horror movies and angry music are not responsible for our actions. <<

Then what is responsible for the violence in our society?

>> Personally, I dig just about every horror movie ever made but you won't ever see me go out and kill someone. <<

That's more or less how this debate started...with another correspondent making a similar claim. Find out who won the debate at The Evidence Against Media Violence.

>> I am not out to degrade your studies but movies and music don't create psycos and they do not drive people to do the things they do <<

Then what does?

>> end of story... case closed... no questions asked. <<

I'd say the case was closed by the many researchers whose work filled the Surgeon General's report. And I've asked a couple more questions. Feel free to answer them.

Rob Schmidt

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