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Greek Lies, Historic Truth

Another response to Greek Lies, Historic Truth:


>> I read "why isnt there a a temple to Zeus in the US?" I think theres a simple response, why would people worship Zeus after christianity took over Europe. <<

That Christianity took over Europe is another way of saying the Greek influence waned. The central principles of Greek religion and philosophy were subsumed or lost.

>> Also a paragraph mentioned it said "infulences, look at the Roman obeliks and Egyptian pyrimid on 1 dollar bill" why dont you look at the back of the 5 and 10 dollar bill for Greek columns <<

I was disputing someone who wrote, "If Egypt or other civilizations held so much sway over Greek thought why are there no temples to Amon Ra in Greece?" He was denying that Egypt had any lasting influence. I contradicted him by noting Egypt's influence on later civilizations.

I don't deny that the Greeks had a major influence on our architecture, among other things. That's implied when I write that "my thesis is that the present-day world is a mix of Greek and non-Greek influences."

>> you would leave that out since you are so anit-Greek. <<

I'm just setting the historical record straight. As I wrote, "I didn't deny the Greeks' achievements, I put them in context."

Here's the context, in case you missed it:

Going forward in time, Roman civilization was a mixture of Etruscan and Greek culture as modified by people ranging from Germany to Asia Minor to Palestine to Egypt to Carthage (a Phoenician city). Then Rome "fell" and its culture mixed with Europe's native Anglo-Saxon cultures and others. So many, many people, not just the Greeks, contributed to what we call Western civilization.

If there's anything untrue in this statement, let me know. But I don't think you can touch it.

>> washington took after Greek architecture, not EGYPT. <<

Wilson explains that the Greek columns and other architectural forms derived from their Egyptian predecessors.

>> Greeks discovered alot and alot they discovered got burned down in the alexandria library. <<

They discovered a lot and others discovered a lot. From Moscati again:

When Greece and Rome have been assigned their proper place in the historical process...we shall see how extensive, varies, and at times decisive was the influence which the ancient Orient which preceded them exercised in those civilizations.

>> Romans used Greek Cul. to get started in their copied culture, greeks have the most copied culture ever, most words ARE greek. <<

Greeks copied a lot of their culture from previous cultures. When others coped the Greeks, they were ultimately copying the other cultures also.

Roughly half the English language is Anglo-Saxon and half is Latin. The Latin half comes mainly from the Greeks. That means less than half our words have a Greek origin.

>> egypt didnt invent pyrimids,but are u taking their culture away? <<

They didn't? Who did invent the pyramids, then? The space aliens?

>> Also the symbol of medicine is Greek. <<

Yes, I know.

I covered the Egyptians' extensive knowledge of medicine in Greek Lies, Historic Truth.

>> You need some help. <<

Feel free to help me by telling me something I don't know.

>> you only sound soar about Greeks in your opinions, and may I say louder.. OPINION. <<

You mean the "opinions" from the many books and periodicals I've cited? I'll go with the expert opinions of historians and archaeologists any day.

>> fiction is quite your taste I can see from you. <<

When you can prove that a single statement in my multicultural postings is fiction, go ahead and do so. You haven't done it yet.


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