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Greek Lies, Historic Truth

A response to Greek Lies, Historic Truth:

Excuse me! The e-mailer's facts are?....

>> the Olympian Religion and the Hellenic philosophy were taught to Indians by the Hercules, Hermes and other Heroes of the Hellenic world that traveled in India thousand years before Alexander the Great. << AND...

>> Only I will tell you that the Hellenes had computer , yes computers, that had been found in a sank ship off the Antikythira island. Do you know that? Surely no, because this is not allowed by the international authority. <<

Advise him that he shouldn't believe everything that he reads that are on the side of a box of Fruit Loops.

I'm sorry but this man has lost his credibility for accuracy when he started his correspondence with "Dear Smith".


I agree the Hercules/Hermes claim was pretty wild. I suspect he meant something with the computer claim. As I said, you could call the Chinese abacus a kind of calculator. If some Greek developed a frame with balls bouncing off levers into different slots (did you ever have a game called Dr. Nim?), you could call it a simple binary or computer-like device. I bet that's all he meant, at most.

Ruben also responded to the reply from Xerxes:

I read your replies to Xerxes objectively, and again, what you said was very well put. You gave a well educated opinion based on much research on the subject. A person would be hard pressed to argue with you on the subject without failing. The man tried, but in the long run it didn't hold water. I totally agree with your summary which is: "But ultimately, all beliefs stemmed from non-European sources in the Near East." Even the events during the middle ages was very well said.

I couldn't help but think, when reading your dialog with Xerxes, the only thing safe from this discussion, due to sheer logistics, were the Aztecs & the Incas and then....BAM he haaaaad to drag the ol' Incas and Greek theory in! Truthfully that was the first I had ever heard of it and probably will be the last.

Now on the other hand, I have always been suspicious on how the Aztec's and Egyptian's pyramids looked similar, hmmm.......I'll save that theory for another time. I think I read the "Chariots of the Gods" one too many times.

Many people have theorized on the pyramids' resemblance, but it remains to be proven. If there was prehistoric contact, I'd blame it on ancient mariners, not on ancient astronauts.


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