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Corporate Culture:  Rotten to the Core

A response to Corporate Culture:  Rotten to the Core:

An old acquaintance of mine is struggling to cure the world's problems. He argues we need a worldwide depression to cause the global economy to collapse. After that he would impose a socialist economy, redistribute the wealth from rich to poor, and give jobs to everyone.

Failing that, he'd be happy to implement jobs programs for disadvantaged Americans (including Indians) directly. He has decried my focus on the multicultural perspective because it doesn't help Indians directly. They need income, he argues, not talk. He suggests I start a business and hire Indians if I truly want to help them.

The following is an exchange on the subject:

>> No, fool. People don't need to know anything about Indian history to demand jobs for all. <<

People need to know about our culture—its roots and structures and beliefs—before they can invent strategies to achieve jobs for all.

But you're stuck on the demanding stage, obviously. You haven't a clue how to move from demanding to achieving what you want. To you, "strategy" and "planning" are dirty words. You have what you think are "brilliant" ideas—though they're usually unworkable. You don't even realize they're unworkable because you've never tried to make them work.

The article I just sent you, on how corporate culture needs a Native perspective, made the point clear—though I'm sure you missed it again. Bush's plan to jail evildoers (corporate or Islamic) won't fix the problem. Neither will your "plan" to overthrow capitalism and replace it with socialism. Why not? Because our cultural values will remain the same.

Until we change the cultural values that favor individualism, greed, and "progress" with Native values such as community, respect for nature, and looking ahead seven generations, no short-term fixes will work. Repeat: Even if you could implement your revolutionary changes, which you can't, they wouldn't work. Nader's reforms would've failed and so would yours. They'll never happen unless a cultural paradigm shift happens first.

Since you don't even understand the "science" of economics, this philosophical point is plainly beyond your grasp. Nevertheless, I'm working on it while you waste your life praying for a depression. Since you've yet to lift a finger for your alleged cause, I conclude you're a fraud.

>> I certainly support all efforts to educate people about everything, but our demand for jobs does not depend on that at all. <<

Your demand "depends on" nothing because it is nothing. It's all talk...hot air...will o' the wisps. When you have a plan to achieve jobs for all—a plan more definite than a worldwide revolution that will never happen—then you'll have something real.

[In another article] Mander explained how understanding the multicultural perspective would help us understand the devastating effects of technology. Understanding those effects would help us change our culture and redirect resources into a sustainable economy and (one hopes) better jobs for everyone. Respecting nature, renewing resources, and giving as well as taking are all part of the Native perspective.

But that's a complex line of reasoning, not one of your SOMAAFs [stupid opinion masquerading as a fact], so I guess that's why you didn't follow it. You're looking for some kind of magic wand you can wave to implement your ideas immediately, without an iota of planning or work. You're some sort of idiot savant—capable of understanding something in the abstract, but wholly incapable of making it happen in the real world.

Let me explain how the real world works. Jobs for Indians don't appear out of thin air. They don't happen unless Congress passes a jobs program bill and the president signs it.

In the real world, our Republican-dominated Congress wouldn't vote a dime for Indian jobs, and our Republican president wouldn't sign a bill if Congress passed one. So your advocacy of an Indian jobs program is worthless. No, it's worse than worthless; it's counterproductive because I waste time explaining reality to you when I could be working on the real problem.

The real problem, again, is our cultural values. Congress won't pass an Indian jobs bill and the president won't sign one until our culture shifts and we start valuing people over profits. I understand it, liberals understand it, even conservatives understand it (though they think a values shift will never happen). You haven't got a clue.

In conclusion, let me know when you find your magic wand. Until then, you're wasting your time and mine with "ideas" you can't or won't follow through. As a revolutionary, you're a joke.

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