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A Well Regulated Militia...

Another response to A Well Regulated Militia...:

Fascist police stop man from exercising constitutional right to bear arms:

Man Arrested in Washington After Police Find 16 Guns in Car

Comment: Damn Gestapo fuzz! Why didn't they let this man exercise his 2nd Amendment rights until he killed everyone in the Gee Dubya White House? What's the world coming to when a man can't drive around with his 16 guns in public? A police state, that's what!

And if he had had explosives...so what? Explosives used as weapons—e.g., suicide bombs—fall under the dictionary definition of "arms"! Therefore, they're legal! If a man wants to walk around with a thermonuclear bomb or anthrax spores, it's his right. Read the Constitution!

Blister that Bush with bullets, you freedom-loving patriot! Take out as many of the pigs as you can, too! It's your constitutional right! Down with tyrants!

A correspondent responds
>> I don't agree with his methods, but an argument could well be made that he felt his only recourse against a tyrannical government out of control was to fight back. <<

One could make the argument that we should let him carry his gun on an airplane or to a meeting with the president. Why not? Why should the president or a plane full of people get more protection than I get walking down the street? If the presence of a gun presupposes danger to the president or the plane passengers, it presupposes danger, period.

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