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Blue Corn Comics, Carlos Reynosa Close Deal
Allies Will Promote Comic Books, CDs Together

Blue Corn Comics, publisher of the award-winning PEACE PARTY, and Carlos Reynosa, Mexica/Yaqui/Cherokee musician and artist, have agreed to work together to promote their products. Their first effort is a flyer using PEACE PARTY's characters to tout Reynosa's CDs. The flyer is available at http://www.bluecorncomics.com/reynosa.htm.

Written by Rob Schmidt and drawn by Ron Fattoruso, the flyer features PEACE PARTY's heroes, Billy and Drew, as they discuss Carlos Reynosa. In their usual engaging style, Billy and Drew cover Reynosa's new CDs—"Sun Rise" and "Wise Man"—his photography, and his website (http://www.carlosreynosa.com). The flyer depicts Reynosa's Irene Bedard poster and Sacred Circle t-shirt, as well as the first instance of PEACE PARTY's heroes in costume.

Overlapping markets
Schmidt, PEACE PARTY's publisher and creator, believes this cooperative venture is a natural. "The markets for comics and CDs overlap," says Schmidt. "We think fans of PEACE PARTY will want to try Carlos's products."

Reynosa, in turn, heartily recommends the multicultural comic book. "I haven't been a fan of a comic book in a long, long time," says the popular performer. "PEACE PARTY has changed that. It has my respect and admiration."

"PEACE PARTY and Carlos Reynosa have earned good notices," adds Schmidt, "but getting the word out is the key. This flyer's task is to entertain and inform potential customers. We hope it succeeds."

Thinking outside the box
Schmidt claims the Blue Corn Comics deal with Carlos Reynosa is an industry innovation. "With all the media clutter out there, businesses need new ways to get their messages across. We can't wait for people to stumble over us."

Or as PEACE PARTY's pair might put it:

BILLY:  Marketers must maximize communications synergy.
DREW:  This dog won't hunt unless you let it out the door.
BILLY:  Huh?
DREW:  Huh?

Rob Schmidt
Blue Corn Comics

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