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Winning Through Nonviolence

Another response to Winning Through Nonviolence:

>> After reading what you have written, I do not see how the term "peace" applies. <<

PEACE PARTY is the name of a comic book I publish. It's not an organization or group I belong to.

>> All I saw were diatribes and attacks on the actions of others. <<

Since my site has almost 1,000 pages, you probably missed all the pages that aren't diatribes or attacks. Bad luck on your part. See Winning Through Nonviolence for one of several hundred examples.

But you're laboring under a misconception if you think peaceful is synonymous with passive, unopinionated, polite, or sweet. Jesus, the ultimate peacenik, wasn't any of these things when confronting his enemies, so why should I be?

For another example, see the PEACE PARTY position on terrorism. Note the verbs used: speak out, oppose, defend, uphold and promote, endeavor, make your voice heard. All these imply we must engage in conflictsóconflicts of words and ideas, that isóto right wrongs and make the world a better place.

See The Clash of Ideas and Why It's Good for more on the subject.

>> Perhaps an example of accepting even those with whom we disagree would be helpful. <<

Advocating a position such as "Endeavor to understand the roots of international violence and struggle to work for peace with social justice" is accepting. It's accepting that those who are angry with the US have some reason for their actions. It's a lot more accepting than the mainstream alternative: kill them all and let God sort them out.

I accept people's right to live and to hold opinions. If their opinions are irrational, I don't have to accept them or let them infect our society. That's what free speech is all about.

Rob Schmidt

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