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Greek Lies, Historic Truth

Another response to Greek Lies, Historic Truth, with my replies:

>> the inability to distinguish between lies and findings of fact or the naming of unpleasant facts as lies are two signs one needs to educate with compassion. <<

Well, I didn't call the guy an idiot. At least not in the excerpt I sent you. <g>

>> there should be a way to create an honor challenge, like something on a sports playing field -- if X is proven to you, you must change your mind and say so publically <<

If only it were so. I do issue challenges to people, but I have to be satisfied when they respond (or not) in private.

>> BTW, that's Hellenes WHO invented. Not that they did. And it's athleticism. <<

Yes. I didn't bother to correct his fractured English for him. Just another example of my compassion, I guess. <g> He made many mistakes besides these in the full posting.

>> I wonder how many ignorami there are in the US, voting, just like this fella <<

He's a Greek from Greece, judging by his e-mail address. The US is probably safe from his voting proclivities. But he does seem the type who would vote for an "English only" (or "Greek only") language law.

>> somehow I know it's a male. <<

That goes without saying. <g>

>> should be a way to put up a satirical dishonor page, people who refuse to recant when they say they will.. <<

I've put his views online at Greek Lies, Historic Truth. If you visited it already, I've enhanced it since then, so visit again.

Anyway, readers can judge for themselves whether it qualifies as a satirical dishonor page. If the guy wants to recant his views, I'll be glad to amend the posting.


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