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Homosexuality Isn't a Choice

A so-called libertarian's response to Homosexuality Isn't a Choice:

>> As Harry Browne said, "gay marriage is none of our business". <<

So you voted no on California's Proposition 22, which limited marriage to heterosexual couples? Maybe you're a better libertarian than I thought.

>> BUT the libertarian dogma goes on to hold that while gay marriage contracts should be enforced by the government as any contract between consenting adults should be, the private sector should not be forced into treating them the same as straight marriages. You were saying? <<

When government passes laws to enforce contracts, the laws generally apply to the whole country, businesses as well as government agencies. It's meaningless to say you support the enforcement of contracts except if they affect business. If that's the case, you support some phony limited version of contract enforcement, not real contract enforcement.

Government already defines what a marriage is. Redefining marriage doesn't change the government's power qualitatively. You could argue that we should allow anyone to marry anyone (men and multiple wives, men and children, men and dogs) and the government shouldn't interfere. Logically speaking, you can't argue that one government definition of marriage is "good" and another is "bad."

Your party's position, which you apparently support, is patently hypocritical. You don't care one whit about the freedom of individuals, such as gay individuals and their freedom to marry or join the military. What you do care about is the freedom of corporations to deny equal treatment to individuals. Repeat: You favor "freedom" for the abstract entities known as companies, not for real flesh-and-blood people.

What a stunning surprise. People who claim to believe in freedom actually deny freedom to citizens like themselves so they can give freedom to economic abstractions owned by wealthy fat cats. In other words, your so-called Libertarian Party is indistinguishable from a conservative party.

Apparently, you're about as libertarian as I thought you were after all.

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