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Contact a Distributor
Enter early and often...and WIN!

The deal
Help get PEACE PARTY distributed to stores and shops nationwide...and win a prize!

Distribution is the process of connecting small publishers like Blue Corn Comics with major book and magazine sellers like Barnes & Noble. Without a distributor, it's inefficient at best, impossible at worst, to contact vendors individually and persuade them to carry PEACE PARTY in their product line.

I have contacted and will continue to contact distributors myself, but I'm only one voice. The more people that talk about PEACE PARTY, the more a distributor will want to carry it. That's where you come in.

This contest is easy. You simply contact one of the distributors below, by e-mail or phone, and ask them if they carry (distribute) PEACE PARTY. You can ask about the past version (comic book, magazine, periodical) or the future version (book, trade paperback, graphic novel). You can describe it or recommend they carry it.

If you get the "wrong" person, especially by phone, ask for the buyer. If someone asks where you saw or heard about PEACE PARTY, say you saw it in a store or on the Web. If they ask for more information, refer them to the website. If they wonder who you are, just say you're someone who's interested. (These are all true statements, so it's not as if you're deceiving anyone.)

You can call or write them as often as you want (without making a nuisance of yourself). Just inform me when you contact them by sending me a separate e-mail (or a blind copy of the contact message). That way I'll know you've contacted them and when.

How you win
If the distributor contacts me and agrees to carry PEACE PARTY, the person who contacted the distributor last in the previous 30 days wins one alternative from the following list:

This contest continues until each of the distributors agrees to carry PEACE PARTY.

The distributors
The following distributors are listed in approximate order of importance and likelihood of their carrying PEACE PARTY. In other words, start at the top if you want to choose between them. With that in mind, go for it!

Indian and specialty distributors
Mainstream distributors

PEACE PARTY is already carried by:

Please let me know if any of the links or phone numbers don't work, and thanks for your help!

The legal nitty-gritty:  All decisions about the winners—i.e., about whose contacts resulted in a distrutor's call—are final. Void where prohibited by law.

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