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Stereotype of the Month Entry

A response to the Stereotype of the Month entry on The "Official Website" of George A. Custer:

A correspondent writes:

We had a long thread in the newsgroup a couple of years ago about Custer. He was by no means the prototypical racist. He wrote a paper at West Point on Indian relations which was pro-Indian, and which was good enough to keep him from getting kicked out for poor academics.

The overwhelming part of his personality wasn't enemy hating, whether Confederate or Indian, but glory seeking, the "Boy General".

Either he or his brother had a child by a Cheyenne woman named Sprouting Grass. It would be interesting to see if that line still survives.

Rob's reply
Okay, but Custer did direct the Washita massacre and lead the Black Hills invasion. If he was just following orders, that doesn't absolve him from responsibility.

The point of my posting was to dispute someone whose Custer site has no negative information about Custer. As of this writing, the site claims Custer was only avenging Indian "mutilations," nothing else. Regardless of Custer's personal feelings, that's a blatant falsification of history.

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