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Boomers, Television, and Comics

What are two of the biggest hits this TV season? Providence and Judging Amy.

Whom do they star? Baby Boomer women.

What are they about? Baby Boom-type mid-life situations.

What's the second most popular new drama after Judging Amy? Once and Again.

What's it about? See third point.

Why are these shows successful? They provide an alternative to the glut of teen/twentysomething faux comedies.

In other words? They present adult dramas through the eyes of mature characters in an accessible style for mid-America.

In still other words? They're higher quality than the usual TV shows. As are successful series ranging from ER to Law and Order to The X-Files.

What's the relevance of this to comic books? Quality adult material can carve out a successful niche in any genre because a huge pool of people is interested in such work. Young males are a minority, not the majority, for any mass-market media (movies, TV, music, comics).

Any questions?

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