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Volunteering for the Board of Advisors

The duties are pretty simple. You read a short script every few months and comment on anything unauthentic. You answer occasional questions on Indian cultures and beliefs. We give you lots of praise and credit in the comic, free copies, and a free ad if you want one. Our advisors get mentioned in the press and sometimes do print and broadcast interviews.

If that's not enough of an explanation, I'll elaborate:

The duties, such as they are, are pretty simple. You read our short comic-book scripts whenever we finish them and comment on anything that seems questionable. At present (2000-2001) we're between scripts, so there isn't much to do. Script-checking was supposed to happen every other month, but is happening more like once or twice a year.

And you try to answer my ad hoc questions when I try to ascertain things. Sometimes it's odd but prosaic stuff, like whether cell phones work in the middle of Northern Arizona (Hopi-Navajo land). And sometimes it's how (most) Indians would think or act in some situation.

For instance, recently I polled people on what they thought about Indians who repudiated their traditional beliefs and adopted Christianity. Someone raised this question in an e-mail to me, so I decided to ask. I thought I knew what most Native people would say, but I figured it couldn't hurt to be sure.

Questions like that don't necessarily relate to PEACE PARTY, but they deepen my knowledge of Indian people. Ultimately that helps enrich the stories and website. Everything is connected, as they say.

That's basically it: supplying basic information on Indian issues and beliefs in today's world. It amounts to checking on us (primarily me) to make sure we reflect an Indian cultural viewpoint. Since our characters are Indians, everything should reflect their viewpoint, not mine, whenever there's a difference.

Of course, if you want to do more than that, that would be fine. Most people are too busy to do more than advise occasionally, but I'd be happy if they got involved. Since they are busy, I try not to burden them. (I could ask lots of things, but I resist the temptation.)

That's basically it. If you join our board, you'll be helping to ensure that PEACE PARTY remains the most authentic Native American comic book ever. For more information, or to volunteer now, contact me.

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