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Victor or Victim:
Our New National Anthem?


Another response to Victor or Victim:  Our New National Anthem?:

>> Are these guys Aryan Power rockers or something like that? <<

You know as much as I do. I'm guessing they're "heavier" than Metallica or Twisted Sister but not as heavy as Obituary, Deicide, or Napalm Death.

>> The lyrics sound sort of Odinist to me ... sheesh ... well, as I keep maintaining, since we've got more *people* on the planet than ever before, stands to reason we've got more assholes than ever before ... <<

So is the Odinist sound an argument for or against making "Dominate" our national anthem? <g>

A good comic book mini-series, BIG TOWN, is showing the consequences of superheroes in the "real" world. Because of the superhero Thor, a cult of Aryan neo-Nazis has sprung up, calling themselves Odinists. Naturally this would happen if gods roamed the earth. Powerful icons like Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Hulk would draw cults of deranged followers. But most comics don't touch this possibility.


>> I'm not really in favor of anything encouraging citizens to be more racist and anti-empathetic and generally abominable than they already are inclined to be, so on this basis, I'd rather not have the song you cite as the new national anthem. <<

So what song do you think best represents America?

>> Btw, Odinism is a real religion the Thor comic may have appropriated it, but it's been around for a very long time. Once upon a time, of course, it was Norse theology ... more recently, it seems to have been appropriated by some of the white supremacists folks (some of the ones who can't be bothered to ally themselves with the Christian right). <<

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