Top 15 Reasons Why Indians Shouldn’t Vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger
15) He has molested women and treated them as sexual conquests, according to the Los Angeles Times and his own Oui interview.  This ugly behavior stands in marked contrast to the honor and respect Native people bestow on women.  Schwarzenegger’s claim that he was lying or exaggerating only proves he thinks people are gullible marks he can easily manipulate.
14) He has saluted Adolf Hitler, played Nazi marching songs, and pretended to be an SS officer, according to the New York Times.  “I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. And I admire him for being such a good public speaker and his way of getting to the people and so on.”  His continued endorsement of Nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim suggests this belief isn’t an aberration.
13) He concocted a home-repair “business” to fleece earthquake victims in 1981, as revealed on The Tonight Show.  Johnny Carson:  “What a racket.  You go and push chimneys down and then rebuild them.”  Schwarzenegger:  “Exactly.”
12) He hasn’t voted in 13 of the last 21 elections.  Apparently Schwarzenegger doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the political process.  He seems to be running for governor for the power and prestige, not because he has a vision or a plan.
11) He voted yes on Proposition 187.  Schwarzenegger seems more concerned about cutting taxes to enrich his friends and contributors than he is about the everyday struggles of Latinos and other minorities.
10) He earned money in violation of his visa status, according to the San Jose Mercury News.  Schwarzenegger claims he’s innocent but has refused to provide copies of his immigration files.  His behavior shows a pattern of breaking the rules because he can get away with it.
  9) He has avoided debates, dodged reporters, and refused to take positions on the issues.  No one knows how Schwarzenegger will balance the state budget – probably not even Arnold himself – but it’s sure to require cuts to vital health, education, and public safety programs.
  8) When asked to share his views with Indians, he made no effort to do so.  Schwarzenegger spurned invitations to meet the California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) and other tribal groups when they sought genuine, unscripted dialogues.
  7) He took $62,000 from gaming tribes for his Proposition 49, and then slammed them for making other political contributions.  “Tribal gaming money was good enough for him then,” Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro has written, “but now that we believe other candidates are better qualified to lead California, he says we have no right to participate in the process.”
  6) Pete Wilson, political strategist Bob White, and media consultant Don Sipple are advising his campaign.  Ex-governor Wilson and his administration refused to negotiate gaming compacts in good faith, forcing tribes to seek help from the public.  One has to wonder if Schwarzenegger will follow Wilson’s lead.
  5) A top political adviser oversees a company that competes with California’s tribal casinos.  Bonnie Reiss, who is CEO of Schwarzenegger’s After School All-Stars, serves on the board of directors of Pinnacle Entertainment.  Pinnacle owns several casinos in Nevada and has a major interest in the Hollywood Park card club.
  4) He said he wouldn’t take money from special interests, then accepted millions of dollars from corporate contributors.  Schwarzenegger’s business cronies often lobby the state on environmental regulations, safety regulations, and taxes.  More important, Arnold went back on his word, casting doubt on whether he’s really “for the people.”
  3) He has falsely stated that Indians have spent $120 million to “play money politics in Sacramento.”  Actually, $92 million of the $120 million went to raise public support for Propositions 5 and 1A.  Both passed by wide margins.
  2) He has said, “their casinos pay no taxes” and suggested he’ll change that.  Actually, the governor can’t tax tribes, and tribes aren’t obliged to rescue the state from its own mistakes.  “His erroneous remarks, which exhibit a complete and almost frightening lack of understanding of the legal status of Indians and tribal governments, are hurtful to California's more than 300,000 Native Americans,” said CNIGA Chairwoman Brenda Soulliere.
And the top reason why Indians shouldn’t vote for Arnold:
  1) He claims gaming tribes are “special interests.”  “To be grouped into a category of a special interest is demeaning and derogatory to tribes as a whole,” said Agua Caliente Chairman Richard Milanovich.  “We are a bona fide government.”
Conclusion:  Vote NO on California’s recall and YES for anyone but Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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